Enjoy your retirement in Portugal

Relocation consulting

MYSILVERWAY can help you with all the various steps of your plan to retire to Portugal, from preparing for your move to implementing and overseeing your real estate project, and helping you settle in your new home. In all areas – property, healthcare, taxation, retirement, administrative formalities and NHR status – we can establish your specific expectations and provide advice and “turnkey” solutions according to your needs and constraints.

Invest in Portugal

Real estate investment

Are you thinking of investing in Portugal ? Our in-depth knowledge of Portugal, its property market and its key players puts us in a great position to advise European investors who wish to diversify their assets in Portugal. We can take care of your search for a property or building project in Lisbon or the Algarve and coordinate all of the administrative and financial procedures involved in the transaction (introduction to our legal partners, banks for mortgages, rental management companies, etc.).

Invest in Portugal

Vivre au portugal immobilier Lisbonne Algarve

Living in Portugal

Although Portugal suffered greatly during the recession, it is gradually getting its economy back on track thanks to various measures the government has taken.
It has a lot going for it: with an ideal climate all year round, a peaceful and pleasant way of life, welcoming local people, a cost of living over 30% lower than France, not forgetting its advantageous tax system, Portugal is becoming a top retirement destination, and not just for the French!
Portugal is attracting more and more foreign investors, including Europeans and Brazilians, as well as young professionals, entrepreneurs and employees.

Real Estate in Portugal

The Portuguese real estate market has been recovering since 2013, driven by several factors: many structural reforms adopted by the government (taxations, renting law, working law…), a strong increase in foreign demand and an inciting taxation in favour of the rehabilitation of old buildings.
Also, the importance of tourism in Portugal (14 million tourists in 2013) reinforces the rental requirements in term and contributes to develop the local economy.
The real offer in Portugal presents The real estate offer in Portugal presents some excellent opportunities.

An attractive tax system

In 2013, the Portuguese government put in place the Tax Regime for Non-Habitual Residents (NHR status) to attract investors and revive its economy.

This tax regime is particularly favourable as it enables private sector retirees to enjoy total exemption from income tax for a 10-year period.

Thus, in the case of expatriation to Portugal, your income from movable capital (interest and dividends) will also be taxed in your new country of residence.